Hi, I am Salai!

I am a tech enthusiast from India, currently based out of Chennai. I am interested in Python, Blender, Three.js, GLTF, Web Development, and 3D graphics in general.

I have experience in building CLIs, tools for manipulating 3D assets, automating processes, etc. and I am open to providing services.

I write regularly here and on Twitter.

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Salai Vedha Viradhan

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  • Blender Python Bites #5 – Check if a point is inside a mesh

    When manipulating meshes or doing procedural generation using the Blender Python API, there comes a time when you would want to determine if a particular point in space is inside or outside a mesh. It might be easy to predict this when you are looking at a point and a mesh visually, but how do you determine if a point is inside or outside a given mesh programmatically?

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  • Setting yourself apart in your industry

    I was talking to a friend recently who works for a startup accelerator. As a part of his job, he talks to a lot of college students daily. He was telling me that they ask him how to get placed and make a difference in the software industry, especially at a time where there is unlimited supply of talent, the layoffs have been massive and there is a general fear of getting replaced due to the advent of AI and so on.

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  • How I accidentally made my first dollar online

    I recently published the Blender Python Cheatsheet on Gumroad a couple of days ago. In three pages, it is a collection of most frequently used functions and solutions to common problems you will encounter when writing scripts, macros or addons using the Blender API. I released it for free and I did not intend to charge anything for it. To my surprise, the free downloads went up to a hundred in a few hours.

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  • Dunders in Blender II – Building an Expressive Syntax

    I wrote a blog post, back in December, on building meaningful abstractions for the Blender API using arithmetic operators and context managers. I continued exploring some more ideas in that route. And this time, I tried something with the Blender’s node system.

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