I constantly feel like I do not have enough time to learn this or learn that. The amount of things I want to learn always seems to be outside my capacity and available time. While I am thinking about this, my brain is also wondering, if I really need to learn all the things that I think I should. But, regardless, I always want to keep learning for the sake of learning, because it gives me joy.

So, putting that thought aside for now, the bigger question that I am pondering over is, “How can I learn everything I want to effectively in the limited time that I have?” This becomes particularly difficult during days when I find a lot of different things interesting. And, knowing that I may not be able to learn all of them on that very day, I either keep them open in a new tab or add a task to my reminders to come back to them later.

Eventually, when I do go back to them, I feel like there’s quite a lot of things that I got saved up. Typically, a fifty plus open tabs or several timed reminders that I keep rescheduling. This, again, puts me in situation where I feel like I have too many things to learn for the time I have available.

I need a way to save things up to read, watch, listen or consume (and revisit the good ones regularly) without having to feel overwhelmed that there are so many things to learn and at the same time not having to worry that I might let some of those things I find interesting slip through my fingers.

My gut feeling is that if I can save things up somewhere and get one thing per day from it delivered to me in some form, I may be able to effectively learn and revisit things. Instead of a newsletter from someone else, it’s like a newsletter from you to you. But it also feels like it might be no different from having a bunch of newsletters fill my inbox or me setting aside time on regular basis to read articles from my feed reader.

So, I am gonna quickly build something stupidly simple to experience this save-and-forget and come back to one-thing-per-day idea to see if it makes any sense. It’s like a learning queue or a piggy bank of interesting things that pops things out one at a time.


If you have any thoughts, ideas or simply want to have a conversation about this, DM me on twitter.